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And a new whole range of ORGANIC, HAND-MADE, AMAZING beauty products.

Introducing Bbonita Spa Services

Indulge in luxury with Bbonita, the premier at-home spa service in Surrey. Experience blissful relaxation with our expert therapists. Book now and transform your home into a sanctuary of tranquillity. Unwind and rejuvenate with our personalized treatments.Reserve your at-home spa journey today!

Experience pure self-care with Bbonita. Our vegan, handmade skincare line offers a natural indulgence, free from harsh chemicals and cruelty. Crafted with care and personalized to your needs, our products nurture your skin. Calendula Balm, lip glosses, Nail cuticle oil, and more. Made with love.

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Booking System

You can easily book your appointments through our easy-to-use booking system. Additionally, you can contact via email or phone.

Fully insured

Beauty therapist are fully insured and well-trained. So be sure you will be treated will professionalism and care.

Natural Products

Our handmade products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free, and are created exclusively for you. Allow 3-4 working days to post your order.

Bbonita - Blog

Welcome to Bbonita’s Blog, your ultimate destination for all things organic and natural beauty products! Our blog is dedicated to empowering and inspiring individuals to embrace a healthier and more sustainable approach to skincare, cosmetics, and self-care rituals.

Discover the latest trends, expert tips, and product reviews that highlight the benefits of incorporating organic and natural ingredients into your beauty routine. From skincare essentials made with botanical extracts and plant-based actives to makeup products that are free from harmful chemicals, we strive to provide you with reliable information and insights that will enhance your natural beauty and promote overall well-being.

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We invite you to embrace the transformative journey towards healthier, more sustainable beauty choices. Together, let’s unlock the secrets of nature and unleash your inner radiance.

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Our Happy Clients

"Incredibly professional, polite and adapts to your needs. Would definitely recommend and go back!"
Silvana Brasovean

Five-Star beauty services


Some of our more popular Spa services are here. You can find the full list of services in our booking page.

Gel Manicure

Duration: 00:50

Price: £ 38

Gel Manicure (For Two)

For two-person

Duration: 01:30

Price: £ 68

Gel Pedicure

Duration: 01:00

Price: £ 42

Express Gel Manicure

Duration: 00:30

Price: £ 35

Express Gel Pedicure

Duration: 00:30

Price: £ 35

Express Gel Mani & Pedi

Duration: 00:40

Price: £ 55

Gel Manicure & Pedicure

Duration: 01:40

Price: £ 75

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