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  1. How often would you recommend having a facial treatment?


  1. Can you talk through the key steps of a facial treatment?


  1. Can you advise which skin type would suit the purifying and anti-ageing facial treatment?


  1. What are the benefits of getting a regular facial?


1:  My best answer for this is the following that it depends on your skin conditions. If you have clogged pores, blackheads and bad congestion then once a week would work for a while to then move to every 2 weeks.

If you have normal to combination skin then once every 3 weeks would work. If you have a great skincare routine at home then once every 6 weeks would work. The best way to understand this is to speak to your personal therapist who will guide you through it.


2:  The key steps of a facial treatment are: 

Cleansing; this procedure is done twice so that we can guarantee a clean face surface.

Toner; this step is done a few times. It just wipes any dirt or cream residue.

Exfoliation/scrub: exfoliation is done in circular movements and is used on normal to dry skin. Scrub which is stronger on the skin is used on oily skin which helps the steamer to penetrate under the layer of the skin.

Steamer: Is key for a good facial treatment, will help to open the pores, and depending on your skin type it can be between 10 to 15 minutes. Once the skin is wet it means is ready to then start the extraction phase.

Extraction: Can be done with bare hands and or fingers. Alternatively with fingers but with the help of a tool. The procedure is very gentle and won’t be as bad as you think at all.

In my experience of doing so, I never had an issue.

Massage: The absolute best procedure during a facial treatment; Between petrissage and effleurage movements, there’s this fresh smell of our Dermalogica products which will help you relax and stimulate collagen along with the elasticity of the skin.


3: Anti-ageing-facial treatment would suit clients from 25 years onwards but also it is usually used for a woman in her 40’s onwards. For its ingredients.

Purifying it’s applied to a woman who suffers from congestion skin and needs the feeling of cleanness.


4: The benefits of getting a regular facial are completely up to you. if you have a good skincare base at home then we can help you keep up your skin. IT’s as simple as that.

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