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Lockdown now is over, but you still can apply this Skincare routine at home

The skin is one of the largest and important organs of our body that accomplishes different jobs to protect our body. It is absolutely crucial to look after YOUR skin in the best way possible.

We know how busy London gets and of course how sometimes we don’t even have that little time to go to a salon or call a mobile therapist to your home. Also with the expansion of the COVID-19, we are staying indoors so I wanted to share a fresh blog that might be helpful for some of you.

The blog will be helping you with quick tips for a good skincare regime.


  1. Passion: Emotion to be acted upon. Without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. Passion is the fuel in the fire of action. When you have passion for something, you love it.
  2. Cleanser: Can be bought in any Superdrug store. Alternatively, you can water or foam.
  3. Skin Toner.

Skin Care Blog

Remove your make up. I always recommend a makeup removal oil-based because it melts the make-up quicker and it’s easy to wipe. Please note that it is so important to remove your make up before you go to sleep and of course clean your lovely skin.

I know at times after a night out or an event we become lazy and that is fine, but try not to let it get into a habit

Let’s get in there now.




1)Cleansing your skin.

There are different kind of cleansers such as milk cleanser, water, foam, soap bar and so on. You choose the one that is right for you that you like and of course that your skin accepts.

Follow this procedure twice a day, morning and before bedtime

Do you want to keep up with a beautiful soft-touch skin? Or do you want to leave those ugly bacteria under your skin cells and start ageing quicker? I don’t think so.

2) Toner.

Toner, it’s not an important step but simply is wiping any residue of your cleanser and to leave a hydrated fresh skin feel. The quick thing I would like to add: in the summer-time as it is warmer is good to leave the toner in the fridge and carry it with you when you leave your home. Spray throughout the day. Skin immediately will feel hydrated and fresh.

I like to use a toner with a rose-water base because it leaves a fresh and gentle sensation, also it smells just as if a rose has Blossom.

3) Moisturizer.

This is a very important step. It is the KEY for healthy-looking skin. Never ever leave your home without a good cream applied to your skin. It is just like a plant in need of water to survive, well so your skin does. Choose a cream that is good for you and your skin accepts. I won’t be recommending much because there are so many and you need to find the one product or more, that your skin will accept and give you healthy results. You can have the most cost-effective cream as you can have the highest branded but both doing the same job!

Remember to ALWAYS apply a sun protection factor, not just in summer but all year round. It can be already in your moisturizer or just apply it separately.

These are the main 3 steps that I would definitely recommend. Not so hard is it? If you have any questions anything at all, please do share your thoughts and comments we will be more than happy to attend you.

Bbonita comes to you but also is here to give you what we believe are good and healthy tips!

For the moment that’s all. We hope you find this information interesting for yourselves. If you do so, please share this post with a friend of yours that you thing could find interesting too. Optionally share this post in your social media network to promote our blog and help more beautiful butterflies.

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Thank you for reading,

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